Winner! Winner! Boys Take State Title


Pioneers coach Steve Reece raises the state championship trophy.

Fans’ shirts said “history,” but what 13 boys and their coaches achieved on March 10 will affect the future, too. The boys basketball team defeated Wellington 71-60 to claim the Class 9A state championship in Lakeland.

The fans, players and coaches now can say that the best of the best have played here. And that may awaken the spirit of those yet to arrive. The school’s first state championship may be the draw it needs to win another. 

“This changes the game,” said senior Robin (Rob) Perry, who scored 32 points in the championship game to lead his team’s charge to victory.

“People will look at this school in a different way. We have built a legacy that will be here for a long time. It will change this school for the better. We now know that we can be great.”

In the championship game, noone was greater than Perry, who received the MVP award for his contributions. 

“I finished my school career with a bang, and it’s paying off now,” Perry said.