Computer Shortage to be Resolved

Vanessa Cordell, Staff Writer

A few students at Oak Ridge faced a barrier during the first few months of the school year; they’re attending a digital school, and yet didn’t have access to a computer.

“We’re working on it,” Principal Jennifer Bellinger said in early November. Bellinger said the school was working with the district to resolve the problem.

Since then, some students have received new laptops.

Prior to the fix, some students said that they had waited weeks to receive computers after transferring into the school. Other students were waiting for replacements for computers that were damaged or not working.

According to school officials, the shortage stems from computers that have gone missing or that were damaged beyond repair by students who failed to take care of their computers.

Oak Ridge receives a one percent contingency rate which means that one percent of the school population is the number of extra computers the school receives. For example, if there are 2,500 students then there would be 25 extra laptops.

It is possible that the school does not receive enough computers necessary from the district and even a two percent contingency rate would serve a great amount in assisting students in their digital education.

Jaleen Bedminster, a senior, went to replace her computer during the beginning of the year after hers had broke. According to Bedminster, she was told she would have to wait a few days, or even weeks, to receive a new computer.

Oak Ridge has been a digital school since the 2015-2016 school year. According to Click Orlando, as of 2018, every high school student in Orange County is provided with a digital device upon entry. The end goal is to bring digital learning to every student in Orange County by 2021.