The Obscurity of Maturity

Jasmine Boyens

It is said that you are more likely to meet celebrities you do not know rather than those that you are familiar with or even admire. However, this depends on someone’s definition of a celebrity. Janavis Ling, a senior, recalls that meeting Mike Pence when he was younger is just one of what he considers his best moments in life.

“I mean I wasn’t too fond of him, but it was still an honor to meet [him]” said Ling. Purely, meeting Pence was not what makes it such a good moment for Ling as he describes his participation in the Chatham County Youth Commission as an opportunity to do things he thought he would never do.

Janavis Ling joined the Youth Commission after the city alderman in Savannah at the time had heard of him from a friend. “I was the odd one out of everybody because I had this old man persona,” said Ling as he described that his difference in maturity may have stuck out about him but that his sense of humor makes up for his lack of “knowing what is going on in the world.”