KICS mentoring program leading young girls into womanhood

Vanessa Fleurilien, Staff Writer

The Keeping It Classy Sisterhood (KICS) mentoring program is helping students to focus on building confidence and empowering them for the future. The program mirrors the male mentoring organization, No Excuses Mentoring Program (NEMP).

Veronica Lubin, the lead mentor, started the KICS mentoring program, to teach girls to become leading women in their communities as well as understand how to handle situations such as unhealthy relationships and peer pressure. The organization has 78 girls and 11 adults that focus on keeping up with student academic life and college and career training.

“[Having a mentoring program just for misbehaving students] is unfair because what about the other girls who don’t get in trouble? So that’s kind of how I agreed to do it, to spread my wings and kind of challenge myself basically to work with girls,” said Lubin.

Unlike the NEMP program, KICS does not recruit based on whether or not the student is thought to need mentoring but instead mentors any girls who wish to be a part of the organization.

“[I want to show them] how to be strong empowered females from this program,” said Lubin. She does an academic check with the members by meeting with them and reviewing their grades regularly.

“To be able to help people outside of school, and not go home, but just being involved,” said Kiara Saintilus, a senior, about what she got out of being a part of the extracurricular activity.

“It’s a drama-free zone… [Everyone] is mutual with each other. We can all come in as one,” said Saintilus. She also added that she feels that KICS has allowed her to adapt to new and different places.