SGA President Visits Washington D.C.

Ty'Jon Streets, Staff Writer

A young man stands in front of the Lincoln Memorial. He stands across from the Washington Monument. He stands in the place of historical figures with a breeze of the future sweeping through his hands as he looks in the direction of the Capitol Building. He knows that one day he will get his shot at changing the American democracy

During October, Student Government Association (SGA) President Isui Sopon, a junior, went to Washington, D.C. and Houston, Texas as part of the RASP, a church organization.

Sopon is politically ambitious in his desire to be in the U.S. Senate. He believes that this, combined with his religious passions, help to influence his capability to become a better leader.

“We believe that being a good citizen means to be a good christian,” said Sopon.

Sopon met with other christians around the country to participate in events and talk about leadership. They held dinners and a small concert party.

“Everyone is in charge of a little group. If one person was in charge of everything they would be overwhelmed,” said Sopon.

Sopon and the group toured Washington, D.C. seeing sites like the U.S. Capitol building, the Washington and Lincoln memorials, and the White House. In Houston, they visited a church where they met with some local sheriff officers in the city.

I put a picture on my instagram pointing in the direction of the Capitol to say that God has a seat for me in the future.”

— Isui Sopon

“Leadership starts in your communities and at school,” said Sopon, referring to some of the skills and information he learned on his trip.

SGA sponsor, Mark Noel has seen a transformation in Sopon.

“Isui has been more consistent about his grades, more consistent about his goals. It’s not just a tunnel vision, it’s more expanded… but he didn’t have much to really learn, he’s a natural leader,” Noel remarked.

“I need to learn better organization and balance,” said Sopon. “I need to balance schoolwork, church and politics.”

Sopon said he knows the future will be rough but with his cool head and his powerful faith in God, he will become a leader not just in America and not just in his school but he will be a leader for an entire generation.