Orange County Public Schools adopts New Backpack Policy

Vanessa Lopez, Staff Writer

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Orange County Public Schools has adopted a new policy that students are not allowed to bring backpacks into games.


The reason behind OCPS joining in this policy is to boost security. This policy was first heard of from Seminole County.


Two people were hurt by gunshots near one of Seminole County schools on the night of August 24 and the County felt the time was right to implement a change it, had been considering for some time.


Many schools in Florida already began implementing this policy but every school enforces it differently.


“We have people at the front gate before you enter the stadium making sure you don’t have a backpack in your possession,” said Athletic Director Emory Norris.


Norris goes on to explain what are the precautions if you do happen to bring a backpack into the game.


“If you happen to have a backpack and you make it inside the stadium, we have administration walking around to make sure you take it to a secure place and leave it until the end of the game.”


Students in result in this new policy have felt safer going to games.


“I feel safe, I don’t have to worry about any danger that could possibly harm me.” said junior Janiel Morales.


The policy so far has been effective there hasn’t been any type of accident with any weapons or anything of that sort.