How Safe Are We Now?

Ty'Jon Streets, Staff Writer

In the wake of these mass shootings in the United States, the members of the Orange County School District are enacting a new plan to increase police activity on all high school campuses.

Principal Jennifer Bellinger said about the events about the mass shootings in the country “It’s not changing [it’s about being] more observant about who comes into our campus. We also want to include both of our plans from locking teachers doors to keep our gates checked.”

She also stated that “she is not sure whether or not the officers will be year-round or half of the year.

Bellinger also talked about the district fixing the buzzers in the front office.

The district wanted to place two police officers per high school campus for faster response in case of an emergency.

Bellinger stated the “There are two deputies and three security guards who the work for the sheriff department”

The district has been on edge following the events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. There have been inquiries by not only by parents by news outlets such as WFTV channel 9 and News channel 6.

When asked about Parent inquires, Bellinger stated: “I have had some parents inquiry about our security, not much but some.”

All of these changes are supposed to grow during the rest of the 2018-19 school years. Elementary schools are sharing officers and Middle and High Schools are have 2 per school.