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New Yeezy Hits Stores Saturday

The new Yeezy shoes are priced at $300 retail. But the older ones, like these, are selling for much more.

The new Yeezy shoes are priced at $300 retail. But the older ones, like these, are selling for much more.

The new Yeezy shoes are priced at $300 retail. But the older ones, like these, are selling for much more.

Tierra Miller, Staff Writer

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If you haven’t heard of Yeezy, the shoe brand that rap music mogul Kanye West introduced back in 2015, you must be living under a rock.

In such little time, Kanye came up with a brand that blew up across the world. Forget where he came up with the name. Who cares? This is a man who named his child Northwest. What’s important is that his shoe brand has made a bold statement with his simple, contemporary style and broad selection. You can buy low-top sneakers, high-top boots and casual shoes in a range of colors and textures.

The shoes are unique and draw a lot of attention. These are “status” shoes. People will notice them and will draw conclusions about you, specifically that you have bank.

Fact is, Yeezy is on everyone’s lips nowadays. In fact, maybe his shoes are doing better than Kayne himself. A sneaker convention without Yeezy is unthinkable these days.

It’s all about the hype.  Adidas, which partnered with Kanye to produce and market the shoe brand, has sold out. But websites like FlightClub.com have them for sale. The prices, though, are higher than the original retail cost. They range from $400 to $800. Resellers on Amazon, eBay and Craigslist have listed them for sale for $1,000 and higher.  Adidas is on the verge of releasing the newest Yeezy shoes, the Boost 700 line. They go on sale tomorrow online at Adidas.com with a price of $300 per pair.

Kanye collaborated with Adidas to make these popular shoes. They have reportedly paid Kanye $10 million to come up with the shoes. Of course, for Kanye, that’s like lunch money for a week.

But this wasn’t his first shoe he has come up with, Yeezy has evolved so much since 2009, when he partnered with Nike for the first Yeezy shoe, which was named “Nike Air Yeezy 1.” After two years, he upgraded to “Nike Air Yeezy 2.” He later realized he wasn’t getting the sales he was hoping for with Nike, so he went to the other side and joined Adidas and that was probably the best decision he has ever made.

The hype on this shoe is ridiculous. You’ll be surprised what people would do just to get their hands on this authentic and hyped up shoe. They even go to extremes, waiting in line the whole night just for the new releases.  When it’s release day, you better come prepared. It’s like Black Friday all over again. Yikes. To what extreme would you go to get these hyped up shoes?

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New Yeezy Hits Stores Saturday