World Design Students Tops in State Competition


Matthew Pomales, Staff Writer

Our newest club, World Design, won a state championship Jan. 23 for their impressive design skilss.

World design, led by math teacher John Raulerson, focuses on using science, technology, engineering and math to create real-world engineering designs.

Raulerson and his team of students, Daniel Andujar, Hans Fevrier, Zion Cristwell, Gedeon Guercin and Tatiana Sandsone, created a flying craft that helps farmers destroy diseases and insects from their plants and crops.

“It finds insects or rotten parts and gives the information to the sprayer and the sprayer sprays those parts,” Raulerson said. “The drone is equipped with a first-person camera and has a radar that gives us a half mile visibility range.”

Raulerson attributed their success to hard work and ideas.

“We worked hard, kept our eyes on the ball and made sure we didn’t quit,” Raulerson said.

He hopes his team continues to be successful. Currently, the team is preparing for the national championship, which will be held in Washington, D.C.

“I don’t think we’ll get first place because, up north, there is very good competition,” Andujar said.

Some students are more optimistic.

“I hope we win the national championship,” Guercin said.

Fevrier attributed their success to Mr. Raulerson’s teaching. “He gets very in-depth when he explains which helps a lot.”

Each student gave their two-cents on what is their favorite part of the club.

Problem-solving, Andujar said. Guercin said, “The brainstorming.”