Dancing for a Grade

Shella St Eloi, Staff Writer

With a dance class on campus, students now have an elective class to look forward to. They can do what they love and receive an “A.”

The dance program was introduced to students last school year and since then it has been growing in numbers. Many students from last year decided to join the class once again this year because they enjoyed it so much the first year.

Junior Cecil Philbert, a second-year dance student, said he decided to join dance class because he likes to dance.

“It’s fun and it helps me get rid of the things that I am stressing about,” Philbert said.

Freshman Cynthia Mukundi joined the class because she loves to dance, but, down the road, she found more to love.

“The teacher’s cool and I love the students. Although, not all the students in the class like to dance,” said Mukundi. The class gives her a sense of family and belongingness, she said.

In dance class, students learn different types of dance. For Philbert, his favorite part of dance class is the hip-hop choreography. Although he loves to dance, Philbert does not plan to continue dance class during his senior year mostly because there is simply one level of the class and he does not want to take the same level for a third time.

To keep existing students in the dance program, the school may need to explore ways to offer higher levels of the class, Philbert said, explaining that students want to be challenged by the class and not repeat what they’ve already mastered.