Pioneers Accepted to Florida State University

Shella St. Eloi, Staff Writer

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After waiting for months for a decision, 21 seniors were happy to finally receive an acceptance to the Florida State University (FSU) on the 25th of January. Many students applied to the school but only a few were admitted.

After working hard to be qualified for one of the top-ranked universities in Florida, students now have to weigh their options and watch their teenage years turn into adulthood.

“I am so excited because FSU is a highly ranked public school with amazing research opportunities. Being a Nole means being among future student leaders of this country,” said Lydie Guercin.

Many of the students were admitted through the FSU CARE (Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement) program. The CARE program helps first-generation students during their transition from high school to college and continues to guide students throughout their first four years of college.

“Being accepted to FSU has been a blessing to me. I Didn’t think I had a chance for such an amazing school such as this one. The best part of this acceptance is the CARE program,” said Ashley Louis.

Although the CARE program is not a full ride, it covers the majority of expenses and help students pay for whatever amount is left by assisting them in scholarship applications. “Knowing that I won’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from and where I would have to find the money to pay for school takes a huge weight off, not only my shoulders, but my family’s,” Louis adds.

With a program like this, many students are choosing to go to the Florida State University because it provides them with the financial aid needed for low-income students.

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