High School Credits

Taylor Moore, Staff Writer

With four months left now is the time to either put up or shut up. We as upcoming seniors have so many people looking at us and we have so many people telling us what we have to do to make sure we walk across that stage in 2019. One of those things our counselor, our teachers, and even our parents are telling us to have is our high school credits. Those credits are what either let you walk across the stage or leave be left behind because you didn’t get your credits.

If you take the time to walk into some of the 11th-grade class this semester you will see them working as hard as they can to make sure they get the credits. It is hard to make sure you get what need to make it across the stage, credits are the hardest to gain especially if a student slacked off in other grades.

If you think you are one of those kids that need to wake up and get those credit now is the time it is not too late you have 4 months to make sure you have everything you need before you walk into senior year. Students who are now in course recovery must make up the credits they missed. 2019 will be here before we even know it and you have to ask yourself do you do enough or will you be left behind?