How Memes Are Affecting Students

Natalia Ribas, Staff Writer

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Memes are concepts of certain photos with a funny caption, either it can be something relatable to our daily lives or something ridiculously hilarious, but it may be a distraction that is affecting student learning. Imagine, trying to focus on your work but unable to bear to feel the buzz tremble within your fingertips, it seems it is your friend texting sending you memes. You go through and possibly laugh and could cause a distraction to your learning.

Memes are just many ways of laughter or to socialize with groups, possibly to make friends or to gain views. However, what does a meme benefit when it comes to learning? You possibly may lose focus, or therefore start to chat with your nearby friends while your teacher is talking.

One of the school policy rules is, that students are not allowed to use phones during school hours.  Someone is likely to have their phone out in class, scrolling down on ifunny or some type of social media.

Sophomore, Justin Torres stated, “I find memes, very entertaining, nowhere as in distraction, but it is something that we can all socialize about and possibly make friends. I consider it to be very beneficial.”

“Memes are annoying, it just repeats so many months and possibly years and I feel like it is a distraction,” stated sophomore, Isaac Llanos.