Colin Kaepernick

Symone Washington, Staff Writer

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One man, two knees, one fist up, and one world that Colin Kaepernick is changing. Colin Kaepernick, started the NFL protest against social inequality and discrimination towards African American people by taking a knee during the national anthem.

Kaepernick is a former NFL Quarterback, who is now a free agent. While in the league, he decided to stand up against racial discrimination, and social injustice by kneeling with other football players from a variety of teams. Coincidentally his contract ended right when his protesting was causing an uproar in the world, even to our president Donald Trump who was highly upset with Kaepernick and the other players who followed suit.

Kaepernick could have just let the negativity from half of the United States tear him down, but he used his platform to make a difference in the Black community. He is very involved in the community, by going to donate not only his money but his time to different organisations within poverty filled neighborhoods. Although it may not seem like a lot, he goes to local protest for the Black Lives Matter movements, as well as educating people on social media of the topic.

Kaepernick recently started a 10 for 10, where he pledges $100,000 and a celebrity donates $10,000 to any organization, and he will match their donation until he raises 1 million dollars. Kaepernick has inspired not only other NFL players but young people in school like myself to sit or kneel during the anthem.