The Cost of Becoming Valedictorian

Mackens Mitil, Staff Writer

A high school girl sat on her bed wondering what her friends might be doing. Were they catching a movie? Taking a trip to Universal? How much fun were they having? The thought passed quickly, and she returned to her study guide. Monday was two days away, and she didn’t want to bomb the test. She couldn’t. It’s just who she is. She wants to succeed at everything.

“I lost some friends, stressed, and couldn’t go out,” said Joseymi De La Rosa.

This night was one example when her friends wanted her to join them. However, homework needed her attention more.

Joseymi’s sacrifices have paid off in a big way. The senior is the Class of 2018 valedictorian and she has a 5.15 weighted GPA.

“I never knew I would make this accomplishment,” Rosa said, “I don’t want my GPA to define me.“  

Due to focusing on here work, Rosa has been accepted to colleges and universities such as University of North Colorado, Stetson, and Tampa. Although accepted to many universities, Rose hasn’t decided which university she wants to enroll in, she wants to study marketing to become a marketing manager.

“Getting accepted into colleges and getting my associates degree in my junior year was my greatest moment,” Rose said.

After school, Rose participates in BPA meetings, NHS meetings, and spends some time in the College and Career Center.

“If I have nothing else to do, I go home, spend some time with my dog or do homework,” Rose said.