Should Students Have More Privacy Online?

Many digital high school students are given Lenovos to do their classwork. However, did you know the school can see what you’re doing? By any chance have you ever plugged your phone charger into your Lenovo? By doing this you are risking the chance of getting tracked down by the school administration.

Students feel they should have their right to more privacy like any individual should but by being connected to the school wifi they can see students photos, messages, and social media. This personal information can be used as a wrongful source to go against a student or purely invade their privacy.

The school can also block certain sites because it is believed that the sights will distract students during school hours by playings games or other sites that may keep them off task.

However, it is not helpful to block these sites because many could be used for educational purposes,  such as a  source of communication and can offer students the ability to work together. We should be able to reach certain sites in a responsible way, which means it will be a privilege and any individual who uses it irresponsibly should have that privilege taken away.