UCF Field Trip Captures Senior Interest

Shella St. Eloi, Staff Writer

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Seniors interested in the University of Central Florida visited the campus with the College and Career Center team on Tuesday to get information on the university in order to make better decisions on their college search.

During the visit, students learned about the admission process and the requirements for an acceptance at the university. They were also able to get a tour of the campus and learn about the different facilities and programs offered by UCF.

“I thought UCF was an awesome school and visiting the school solidified my interest,” said Lydie Guercin.

Students asked questions about scholarships opportunities and the “Top 10” programs offered. The “Top 10” program allows UCF to guarantee the acceptance of all applicants who are in the top ten percent of their class. Scholarships are given on a first come first serve basis and so it is encouraged to apply as early as possible. Students with high achievements are likely to get more money in scholarships than others because colleges want to award students for all their efforts.

“What I found most interesting was the ROTC program because I want to join ROTC and the people were very kind to me and they answered my questions,” said Sadia Meronne.

Students were able to participate in the student activities happening on campus learning about a variety of things, from their sexuality to how to take care of a plant. Three students had the opportunity to take their plant back home and take care of it.