Striving In the Step Team

The step team is an organization that teaches step dancing and communication to help students further understand step culture and the meaning of teamwork and dedication.

Aside from dance, the goal of the step team is “To communicate and have confidence in others and to have people to talk to and help guide each other for sisterhood,” as said by a step team member, Ti’ Rona K. Glover.

Glover says that “Tennis shoes and anything you’re able to stretch in for workouts and practice,” tend to be the only the requirements for step team.

however this can take a toll on students like Dorothy Lapomarede, former step team member said, “well, that is the main reason why I quit. The cost was too high and for example, some outfits for shoes and other outfits for different themes and events we go each time is way too much. Overall, it would have cost $100, which I could use on other things.”

These high costs may be a problem for other members besides Dorothy and the number of members they have may take a hit because of it.

When Dorothy was apart of step team she explained what it meant to her by saying, “Step team is all about teamwork, you have to be on the same step and although some techniques are sometimes hard, your teams are there to help you every step of the way.”

Glover and Lapomarede feel that step team is all about communication and teamwork with a little bit of dancing in the mix.

Dontrell Richardson the head of the step team also said, “My goal is to create unity among students and introduce them to a tradition that’s been around for years.”