Student Aspires To Bring Cheer

Natalia Ribas, Staff Writer

Kabrina Inker, poses in her cheerleading uniform before the game.

Cheerleading has become this student and award winner’s whole life. Despite long hours of practice and the dedication needed, this student finds that cheerleading relieves her stress and calms her.

An Oak Ridge High School student, Kabrina Inker, is a sophomore on the cheerleading team. With her hard work and dedication, she feels that she gets better and better every day.

Inker spends several days a week at practice and has made cheering her main focus. She desires to improve her self in cheering and loves to interact with friends. Inker aspires to be a motivating for the sports teams as well as students at the game.

Inker’s main reason why she stays in cheerleading is that she feels like the sisterhood involved gives her encouragement. The cheerleaders care for one another and most of all when they all group up for practice they bond with each other. The cheerleaders never give up but most importantly they have fun at the end.

Inker has won several awards for her talent in cheering. She won the participation cheer award, cheer medal, and a certificate.

Inker says that when it comes to the competition they get picked or they have to do tryouts when they start in January.

During her off time, she works out and practice she mainly works on stunting and structure when she warms up. She does this, from the fact she wants to do tryouts in the upcoming future for any games and competitions.