Students Rush to Meet College Application Deadlines


High achieving students get recognized for their hard work with a breakfast at the College and Career Center.

Shella St. Eloi, Staff Writer

Seniors are rushing to turn in college applications this month because the early decision deadlines are coming to an end.

The deadline for most top colleges in Florida have passed and students stress that the admission process will be more difficult after the deadline. Colleges emphasize on the early admission because it increases the chances of getting into the college.

“I was very relieved when I got accepted into four universities even before the deadlines,” said Valerie Coleus who successfully met all the deadlines. “It feels good knowing that all my hard work is paying off and that colleges are noticing my achievements.”

With many students still in need of college application help, the College and Career Center remains filled with students.

Procrastinators are now in a hurry to submit important documents needed for the admission process. Senior Jowineda Pierre said, “upcoming seniors should not wait to get help and if they have a question they need to ask it.”

“College is a serious matter. Take it seriously and do not neglect on checking your application status at all times,” said Pierre.