School Targets Skippers With New Truancy Policy

Taylor Moore, Staff Writer

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Truancy is a big problem not only at Oak Ridge High School but at other schools in our district. Students do not only miss school but when they come to school they skip most of their classes.

Deans have begun cracking down by standing in the hallway as students are going from class to class. You can no longer be in the halls without a pass. This was a rule before but it was not enforced as much as it is now. If you are caught in the halls without your pass first time might be a warning but the second or third time can end up in a detention or even a referral.

In the article “Orlando-area high-school students skip classes at alarming rates,” it states that “Nearly 28 percent missed 21 or more days — the state’s definition for chronic absenteeism — last school year. Edgewater had the second-highest absentee rate in the region, trailing only Orange County’s F-rated Oak Ridge High.”

The same article also states that “At Oak Ridge High, where 30 percent of students were chronically absent last year. Administrators won’t acknowledge the high number of truants.” This is not good the more school we skip the more the school and you suffer.