Florida State University

Shella St. Eloi, Staff Writer

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When deciding on colleges there are many factors that should be considered including the campus and surroundings and if you love diversity and are looking for a beautiful campus then Florida State University is for you.

At the University, students are encouraged to participate in varying activities which enhance leadership and diversity. Through the many extracurricular activities students learn to accept, respect, and appreciate diversity to build a family-like community. When students learn to have fun it diminishes stereotypes and cliques. There is nothing better than to be in a place where you always feel welcomed and loved.

I recently visited the campus and I was amazed by not only the architecture but also the many restaurants they have including Starbucks and Chick-fil-A. The campus is designed to make life on campus easier for students. Students who live on campus at the University of Central Florida complains because the classes are too far from the dorms but at FSU the classes are close enough to the dorms so that students can feel comfortable walking to their classes. If students don’t want to walk, they can also ride a community bus that FSU provides for its students.

To help students stay in shape, FSU provide two fitness gyms including indoor pools and outdoor pools. FSU is one of the few academic universities in the country to have its own circus run by the student body. Students testify of how much the enjoy being part of the school and that they could not think of a better way to spend four years of their lives.

Many students have trouble finding scholarships and the Florida State University is willing to put an end to the issue by providing eligible students with CARE a program that pays for all four years in the school. Meal plans, printing, tutors, and living arrangements are all included in the program. So, students who have worked hard during their high school years and are low income get to go to the university free of charge.

The Florida State University’s first priority is to ensure the success of all its students and that’s what makes a great quality University.

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