Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2

Matthew Pomales, Staff Writer

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Episode 2 of the enemy within which came out September 26, 2017 starts right where episode 1 left off with the Riddler dead, and the revelation that Amanda Waller (Debra Wilson) knows Bruce Wayne (Troy Baker) is Batman. Unlike the last episode we get fewer times with characters like Alfred J. Pennyworth (Enn Reitel), and Tiffany Fox (Valarie Rae Miller), and more time with characters like John Doe (Anthony Ingruber), Harley Quinn (Laura Post), and Bane (JB Blanc).

This gives the newer characters a time to shine, but unfortunately bane is the weakling in the group to me as he’s just the standard dumb muscle guy who says some cool things at times.

The dynamic between the Joker and Harley Quinn in this game is flipped on its head, instead of Joker being the dominate one and Harley being the submissive one, Joker is the submissive one now and Harley is the dominate one.

This dynamic change creates a nice addition to the Batman myths and makes this universe more interesting as things are not the same.

Throughout the episode John Doe is clearly on edge and isn’t the Joker that everyone knows yet.

The voice acting throughout the series has been good so far and it doesn’t disappoint in this latest episode.

The best scenes in this episode where the more quiet ones, like the scene between batman and Alfred, or Bruce and Harley Quinn in the car talking about John.

In the beginning of the episode Batman takes on Bane, and gets beaten to the point where he can’t be Batman anymore, for a little while so he goes undercover in bane’s group as Bruce which creates some interesting encounters.

In these encounters you have the choice of being more brutal and convincing the villains that you’re with them or being good and not exactly convincing everyone. Unfortunately however this decision doesn’t feel like it has consequences, because i played as good and the villains still allowed me to hang with them except bane didn’t like me.

The agency in this episode doesn’t have as much impact as i feel like it should, considering that Amanda Waller knows Bruce Wayne is batman it feels like that plot point should have had a bigger impact on the narrative other than her suggesting what to do.

Another thing to mention is the ending of the game isn’t as clever as they clearly think it is, instead of my reaction being one of amazement and surprise, i kept asking myself did they just do that, are they actually considering going down that road?

The main problem with the ending is it is unclear and leads to a plot point that would be stupid and take all the good will they got from me in the first episode.

This episode had promise in the beginning but started to fall apart as it went on, due to characters who weren’t as interesting as they needed to be to carry the episode and under used or ridiculous plot points.