The Division: The Video Game For Taking Back New York

Mackens Mitil, Staff Writer

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Tom Clancy games are known for their popularity. One Tom Clancy game, The Division,  is a virus which spreads across New York and disasters such as lootings and mass murders take over the state. The authorities can’t do anything about it so they rely on the second wave Division agents. Collect equipment, weapons, and skills in order to take back New York. The Division is an action role-playing game that Ubisoft released on Mar. 9, 2016

The online feature in The Division allows you to play with up to four players, meaning other agents can help you on difficult missions or just roam New York.

In the Division, there is an area called the Dark Zone (DZ). The Dark Zone is where you can fight other agents to collect extraordinary loot. In the Dark Zone, you must rely on numbers. Enemies are stronger and tougher than common enemies. Without good equipment, going solo is very risky. If you die in the DZ, you’ll lose all your loot you collected in the DZ, DZ money, and DZ experience (XP).

DLC (Downloadable Content) is also available in The Division. Underground, Survival, and The Last Stand are the DLCs that are currently available.

You may think The Division and Call of Duty are similar, but it has proven not to be. In Call of Duty, in order to successfully kill an enemy, it takes only 1-7 bullets depending where you’re shooting. In The Division, your weapon has a DPS (Damage Per Second), which means if your weapon has a damage of 2 and your enemy has 100 HP (Health Points), it will take 50 bullets in order for your enemy to die. In order to get a weapon to have a higher DPS, you must loot your enemies, boxes, or rewards from missions.