Engaging Thriller and Drama: “The Brave”

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“The Brave” is a drama/ military thriller show that makes people want to jump out of their chairs and shout at the screen. This jaw-dropping show leaves you wanting more and more after each episode.

The show brave is about a journey into a complex world of elite undercover military heroes. The show follows Patrica Campbell, who plays the D.I.A, and her team of analysts as they wield the world’s most advanced surveillance technology from their headquarters in Washington DC. All in the mists of this their heroic special ops squad who are highly trained to use their unbreakable bond to save innocent people. This show is all about extraordinary characters who put their lives at risk and take chances to make sure the people put in harm’s way are safe.

The difference between this show and shows like criminal minds is that in criminal minds the people who are being held hostage, usually do not make it out with their lives. But they do have similarities such as they both put in a lot of time to make sure no matter what the bad guys get put away and the good guys come home.