The Conscious Decision of High School Athletes

Lincoln Phillips, Sports Editor

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There is nothing more irritating than a person’s behavior not matching their importance.

One of the more admirable aspects of High School consists of multiple opportunities for all of the students craving to become sports stars in the future by allowing them to compete in athletics. When these students get selected on the school team, they are filled with joy, pride, and determination to help their pack succeed in the season. It obviously takes a lot of responsibility, and a lot of focus to be continuously helping your teammates win; This especially applies to Oak Ridge, where sports are a major aspect of the year. It is clear that a majority of students take their role on sports very seriously. Unfortunately, however, the prospects are not always filled with pride and motivation.

I respect every single athlete at Oak Ridge High School to the highest degree. I appreciate that they are representing our school, and exponentially raising our culture. Although, these students are not NBA Stars, nor are they apart of the NFL, MLB, NCAA, et cetera. So why do they act like it? These individuals raise themselves to such a high stature, you would think they were just granted a scholarship to Duke. It is understandable that a student may be excited to be on a team. Although that is no excuse to start speaking in a condescending tone, and starting holding yourself as a superior in the school.

Along with that, being on the team is not a major excuse to completely ignore assignments, and not be attentive in class. I have had countless occurrences where someone on the football team would not do their work, and would instantly blame it all on sports. “Oh, well we had practice today, and a game tomorrow so I couldn’t do the assignment,” phonated athletes at this school. Although athletics may get extremely rigorous, and could take hours away from your day, it should not stop students from doing classwork, or trying to do homework in general. Being on the team is an honor and a privilege; It is not something you can put your burdens onto.

When looking at the perspective of the players, they may say that the way they are acting is an example of school pride, because it shows their enthusiasm and eagerness towards their respective teams. However, an abundant amount of strategies are available for them to use if they want to show their pride. They could start helping out other students with athletics, or work. They could also support our school whenever an event takes place. Behaving in a cocky manner, and disrespecting fellow students and teachers with the sole reason of being on the team however is something that does not show any type of pride. Only idiocy and impertiness.

It’s mildly disheartening to see that our athletes are attaining this extremely negative ego. It gives Oak Ridge a bad image, and supports the classic cliche that sport players are futile, and ignorant. Being on the team should create an opportunity for these students to show their leadership skills, and induce by example. Doing so will further elevate their status, and would help raise our status as an elite school. That is exactly what we need, if we want to try and represent us as Pioneers in a good light.