Emotional Album Comes with Controversy: 17

Natalia Ribas, Staff Writer

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XXXTentacion released an album dedicated to a girl who committed suicide before his own eyes. The sensitive topic brought a controversy over society and social media. Over 8 albums he is still known for his popular song, “look at me.” The song is well known as a catchy beat and the hit has gained fame on SoundCloud with 80 million views and counting in addition to 50 million views on Youtube.

“Look At Me” was certified Platinum by the RIAA on August 14, 2017. With over 1 million sales, the song peaked at number 34 on US Billboard 100 and the Top 40 of the Canadian Hot 100. The single helped X gain more popularity, due to accusations of Canadian rapper Drake using a similar rap in his then-unreleased song, now released under the track name “KMT.”

In his new album, he wants to raise an awareness of depression and suicide from a recent incident. Jocelyn Flore, a former model, was a friend and fan of X who committed suicide in a hotel room while visiting him in Florida. Although he didn’t directly mention her suicide on the track, XXXTentacion addressed the incident in the song’s SoundCloud description. “Rest in peace, Jocelyn,” he wrote, “I will have my revenge upon the world.”

The album was written by X and produced by Potsu. XXXTentacion’s single, “Jocelyn Flores,” from his newest album “17,” will be sent to rhythmic radio and played on the radio for the first time on October 31, 2017.