Parade and Tailgate

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Parade and Tailgate

Jasmine Boyens, Editor in Chief

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Students and teachers participated in a parade and tailgate following a busy school day. Clubs and organizations worked together all of Thursday to decorate floats for the Homecoming parade. Following the parade students, family and staff celebrated while eating, dancing and playing games during the tailgate.

Throughout the school day, students of several organizations worked on creating floats that applied to the “under the sea” theme of homecoming. The end result was about 50 decorated floats; a record number for the previous six years.

Several organizations created float ideas that connected to the football game the following Friday versus the Cypress Creek Bears.

“We have a cave over there with a bear inside and we have clubs so our theme is basically beat the bears,” said Javier Salazer who participated in creating the junior float.

Moreso following the Homecoming theme, National Honors Society created a Moana inspired float with the intentions of putting forward the idea of “how far we’ll go.”

“I am not crafty at all so the NHS officers did almost all of the work and I supported them,” said NHS sponsor Megan Goldberg.

After the decorating, students lined up along the street to witness school pride. The Oak Ridge Marching Band and Flag Team lead the way for floats of students waiving and enjoying themselves.

“We had a lot of fun singing and throwing candy and I was very happy that it didn’t rain on us,” said Goldberg.

Following the parade, members of the Oak Ridge community gathered in the courtyard for the tailgate.

Several teachers, including Principal Jennifer Bellinger, brought their game by entering a homemade chili into a contest for students to try.

Games such as ring toss, a bouncy house, and a teacher dunk tank brought laughter and friendly disputes.

The school hired a DJ and throughout the tailgate students formed into a crowd of singing and dancing. Aside from music, two students also stepped up to the center of the courtyard to sing.

“The chili I had was amazing,“ said Andrew Armstrong enthusiastically. He continued saying “The music was very fitting. It was a little disheartening to only see a few games being played but the entire time was still an amazing experience.”

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