Attempts To Recover From Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Natalia Ribas, Staff Writer

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Hurricane Maria caused devastation in Puerto Rico, it has affected many families and loved ones in neighborhoods around the central coast of the small island. Over 99% of Puerto Ricans are without electricity and many are without food and water.

Almost a week after Hurricane Maria hit, there was little communication. Many in central Florida have tried to communicate with families About three-four days later, Puerto Rico started to get some sort of and many families were relieved.

Rescue did arrive, but the conflict had become more complicated than expected. Thousands of containers filled with medical supplies, food, and water are stuck in  San Juan, Puerto Rico.

From the lack of gasoline or fuel to transport items, the number and unshipped containers have raised to a  maximum of more than 10,000 containers.

They have yet to be able to distribute the food and water in these containers. Some places on the island the received significant help but there is most likely not much focus on certain things the mayor of Puerto Rico can’t lead or manage for himself.

Some members of Congress want President Trump’s administration to suspend and take away shipping restrictions. This would allow more fuel and emergency supplies to provide for Puerto Rico, establishing the Jones Act. The Act was suspended Sept. 8 through Sept. 22.

“When Hurricane Maria hit, there was no communication to keep up with my family. About two to three days not hearing about them I was worried. And since I haven’t heard anything about my father still so I assume there’s some places and cities with no electricity still” said Jose Martinez.

Another Oakridge student, Angelina Rivera, responded to the effects of Hurricane Maria saying  “It’s unacceptable. Some places still have no food or water.Some have electricity and some don’t. I’m just too worried that some way or somehow they won’t be able to distribute to the whole island.”