Students Frantic Over Digital Issues

Tech Issues Makes Homework Difficult to Complete


Students who attempt to use their laptops from off-campus receive this error message.

Staff Report

A district-wide computer glitch left students with the homework blues late last week. Unless they are using the school’s WiFi, students cannot log into Canvas or visit websites. As a result, they cannot do any homework or study for quizzes and tests when they are off-campus.

“I have a calculus test tomorrow, and I don’t know how I’m going to study for it,” senior Kristianna Williams said.

Senior Christion Johnson said he is almost two days behind on homework.

“I’m doing my best to get my homework done while I’m still at school,” Johnson said.

Principal Jennifer Bellinger provided some relief Thursday when she announced that all teachers should give students until Oct. 12 to submit missing work.

“We need to provide students with every opportunity to complete assignments in school because they don’t have access to any assignments that require them to go through LaunchPad.

Some teachers had set earlier deadlines for late work as they prepare to wrap up the end of the quarter. The first quarter ends Oct. 13, the same day as the homecoming game.

Bellinger said district technology personnel are working to fix the problems, but she doesn’t know when the problem will be resolved.

The frustration has caused at least one student to question the switch to digital technology.

“This is exactly why they should have left things the way they were,” said Williams, who was a sophomore when the school became one of the first high schools in Orange County to hand out laptops to all of the students.