Students Given Free Hotspots

Shella St. Eloi, Staff Writer

Students were asked to fill out a survey via email on Monday to identify whether or not they are eligible to receive free hotspot to do their school work.

“These devices will be assigned to a student for the length of their high school career (that means freshmen will have free WIFI for the next four years)” said Matthew Colman through an email.

The purpose of the free Sprint hotspot is to help students who cannot do their school work from home because they do not have internet. Often times, students will tell their teachers the reason they did not submit an assignment is that they do not have internet. Giving free hotspot to students will help eliminate this excuse.

Many students had already received the free hotspot but there were some more devices left that needed to be distributed to students without Wifi. The rest of the devices were distributed to those students on Friday.

Sophomore Widmaille Eliacin said, “I would often submit my homework late but now that I have the hotspot I am able to submit my work on time.”

Since Oak Ridge High is a digital school it creates a need for every student to have internet at home. If students do not have internet then it will reflect on their grades. Thus, giving free hotspot to students is a great initiative.