Students Speak Out About Spirit Week

Shella St. Eloi, Staff Writer

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Student Government Association students are responsible for picking the homecoming and spirit week themes every year with the intention for all students to participate and show school spirit.

The theme of homecoming this year is “Down by the Sea” and many of the spirit week selections are variations, if not the same as last year.

“SGA makes a decision as a group, but the members of SGA represent the population of Oak Ridge students,” said SGA Vice President Jayden Smith.  However, some students feel excluded from an event that is supposed to reflect school spirit and pride.

“Students should be able to vote on the theme,” said junior Taylor Moore who believes that by voting it would be better for students.  If students were able to vote on the theme then they will be more motivated to participate by making their voices heard.

If any students have suggestions for SGA, members are open to taking them. SGA hopes for many of the students and teachers to participate during Spirit Week and make Homecoming an event to remember.

The schedule for Spirit week can be found on the bulletin board on the first floor of the 400 building or at