New Lacrosse team takes center stage

Alex Verdelus, Sports Editor

Entering the season, the girl’s lacrosse team had a mixture of excited enthusiasm and nervousness as they became the first lacrosse team in Oak Ridge History.

With both an inexperienced coach and untaught players, the season began with a series of difficulties. Fabine Azemar and Lydie Guercin spoke on the number of hurdles the newly formed team had to face and other memorable experiences the team had.

“At first all of us were clueless to what the game was and both coach coutain and brown also didn’t know anything,” Azemar said. “We all worked together and built on our foundation by helping each other when needed.”

Azemar talked about what her feelings were like at the beginning and the overall expectations of the team.

“I was very skeptical because we were the first lacrosse team at Oak Ridge,” Fabine said. “I thought we might lose every single game but we brought our A-game and ended with three wins and one tie.”

Struggles for the team would continue over the course of the season.

“Losing games at the beginning was something big to us, although we expected it,” Fabine said. “When you know you’re about to win but something else turns the game around, you doubt yourself and the team at times but we always get right back up.”

Fabine’s teammate, Lydie, also spoke about what it was like facing established teams.

“At first it was challenging because we felt that maybe we weren’t good enough,” said Guercin. “But after we learned how to play the game, we felt that we were on the same level as other established teams.”

The coaches had a significant impact on the team’s development and were very influential towards the team’s success.

“They were amazing coaches,” said Guercin. “Coach Brown was always motivating us and telling us ‘we could do it’ and coach Coutain also always had new plays for us and was very creative.”

After having gotten fully acclimated to the game and adjusting to new changes, the team was able to achieve their first win at Lake Minneola.

“Winning our first game was an amazing experience,” said Guercin. “The other team didn’t think we were going to win but we proved everyone wrong.”

The future looks bright for the aspiring new team. With the first season under wraps, the team has high hopes for next year, expecting greater success.

“For the future I hope we’ll do some off-season work, leaps, practice more and get out on the stick,” said Fabine. Hopefully, we could try to go at some type of district win or some type of trophy because we really are a good team and over the summer we could work on strategies and get better for next season.”