The Last of Us Franchise Soon to Return


Gabriela Alonso, News Editor

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On Dec. 3 Naughty Dog revealed the trailer for The Last of Us II, a direct sequel of the 2013 original.

The trailer displays a much older Ellie tatted up with blood trickling from her cheeks, surrounded by dead bodies while playing guitar and singing a brooding song, Through the Valley by Shawn James.

It’s followed by Joel barging in with a revolver in hand and asks “Are you really gonna go through with this?”

With a look of determination, Ellie set the guitar down and replies  “I’m going to find and I’m going to kill every last one of them”.

The sequel is a polar opposite, the trailer alludes to a vengeful and dark malice theme as opposed to the original version that was full of love and bonding between Joe and Ellie.

“This is a story about hate, and [it’ll be] an intense, harrowing, and emotional adventure,” Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann said at a PlayStation Experience 2016 panel.

Ellie and Joel relationship will remain the focal point but fans question how hate is going to impact the overall storyline of the sequel.

The Last of Us ended with Joel lying to Ellie about rescuing her and killing the leader of the fireflies in order save her from the deadly surgery that would find a cure for the virus.

Fans think they’ve uncovered the plot of the Last of Us II, the theory discloses that Joel is dead and Ellie is vindicating in his name. The Joel in the trailer is simply a “ghost” or representation of Ellie’s griefs. Since Ellie becomes the protagonist she’s seeking revenge for his death.

The game is still under development and it could be released in 2018 or even 2019.