Grip It and Rip It: The Kennedy Logan Story


Reynette Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Some people don’t count Bowling as a sport, while most others see it as a hobby. Kennedy Logan sees bowling as a competitive sport in which you have to practice hard in order to get better just like any other intense sport such as basketball, baseball, etc.

Kennedy, a 15-year-old sophomore at Oak Ridge High School, has nothing but good things to say about the sport. Although she only joined because her brother is on the team, she has come to significantly enjoy the sport, saying “Yes I like it, it gave me an environment to make friends and the sport is “lit””

Although the girls are undefeated, which fills Logan with a sense of pride and joy, she feels as though on a scale from 1-10 as a bowler, she is rated around a 6 her average being 134. She wants to improve in areas such as rolling the ball harder while accurately hitting the most amount of pins as she can.

This is Logan’s first year on the team and she feels as though the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to become a good bowler is on the same level of any other sport. She stated that “Practice is the best way to get better and bowling practices are just as important as any other sport because they all need the same amount of dedication if you want to get better.”

Logan says her love for the sport continues to grow the more she plays. For aspiring bowlers she says “just join the team, it’s fun and the people are cool and it’s a cool sport, it’s not hard, anyone can play.”