Teen Jobs

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Teen Jobs

Jasmine Boyens, Feature Editor

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Becoming independent is a common reason for young teenagers to get a job. Having their own money and being able to save as well as other things, is usually a great way to become more responsible. By the time someone is 16 years old, it is likely that they have a job at Publix or some kind of fast food restaurant because they are simple jobs that take little to no training or experience.

In a survey taken by 100 students at Oak Ridge High School, 34% of students say that they did have a job. Most teenagers said that they had a job at a restaurant, as a retail salesperson, or as a babysitter/tutor.

Although many students have similar jobs, 51% said they had other jobs, not including those who work as Amusement park attendants, cashiers, or work in Entertainment/Movie Theaters.

Most students that took the survey were underclassmen in 9th or 10th grade. This left only 30% of upperclassmen that took the survey, so it is likely that many more students at Oak Ridge have jobs and more qualifying jobs

With so many students, no older than 17, many may wonder why they even have jobs if they are financially supported by their parents and should be focused on school. Joe Jeran, an underclassman, says that he has a job at McDonald’s because he wants to be independent and have money for himself.

This also applies to older students as well. Senior Regina Minos said, “I have a job because I like to be independent  and I like providing for myself.” Minos works at Aunty Em’s at the Florida Mall. She often times works at the register and helps make pretzels.

There are different reasons for getting a job, some parents make their kids get a job so they can learn to be responsible and other teenagers just choose to work themselves.