Steps to Early Graduation


Reynette Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Checking your credits

Before beginning the early graduation process, you have to check which credits you need in order to graduate. To check which credits you have, get a copy of your transcript. To attain a copy, go to guidance and see Ms. O’brien in the college and career center and fill out a transcript request form. When you have your transcript, determine which credits you still need to graduate.

Requesting the classes.

Once you narrow down the amount of credits you need and which classes they’re in, talk to your guidance counselor about taking the classes on Florida Virtual School (FLVS). You create an account on FLVS and request the classes. Depending on the type of worker you are, you could either request the classes one at a time or all at once. Once requested, there’s a 7-day grace period before you are placed in the class. Once placed in the class, you must fill out the activation form. Once activated, you can get to work.

Pacing yourself

When doing your classes, be sure to pace yourself. Your online teachers will email you a pace chart so you have a set schedule of which assignments you need to turn in by which dates. You could also work ahead if you wanted to complete all of the classes early.

Finishing up

When you’ve finished with your online classes, double check to see if you need anymore credits and if you have all of the required credits to graduate successfully, (along with the required amount of community service hours.) Go see your guidance counselor and make them aware that you’ve finished with all of your classes, you have all the credits to graduate and you’d like to graduate in the upcoming year. Now, all you have to focus on are passing your current classes.