Boy’s Soccer Team Go After Their Goals

Jasmine Boyens, Feature Editor

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The Oak Ridge High School boy’s soccer team have gone all season undefeated and are on track for one of their best seasons in the team’s history.

Although the team experienced a cheating situation at Colonial High School they were still able to keep their winning streak. “I’m proud that the guys fought through adversity and still came out on top,” said Kenny Coutain, the boys soccer coach.

One of the players at Oak Ridge, Stanley Cius, is the lead scorer on the team and he averages three goals a game which is what the coach calls a hat trick. Another student, Noel Ferreras, and some of his fellow teammates have stepped up their game this year says Coutain but Ferreras is a senior so he will no longer be here next year.

Motivation can always be an important part of every player’s success. To a lot of the players and even the coach, their ultimate goal is for the state title. For many players the motivation can also be keeping up their reputation as a team and according to Coutain. “They want to go to college. They know that with winning comes coaches, with Coaches comes college opportunities, and because of that five guys are already looking for scholarships for next year.”

Coutain also mentioned that sometimes the players can start out flat but “once you remind them where they are and what they are doing they think to themselves ‘okay this is a sport that I love so much and I need to give it everything I’ve got’ and they will naturally just pick it up “

The team lost 15 seniors from their team last year but have remained consistent enough to pull through with new members of the team. Coutain always keeps a list of students who have played soccer in order to be prepared with as many players as they need.

Coach Coutain also likes to prepare all players rather than just playing the more experienced players, he said “I’m playing the younger guys to get ready for next year when the seniors leave.”