New Leader of Pioneer Football

Jasmine Boyens, Feature Editor

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The new coach for the Oak Ridge High School football team has come to replace the previous coach. Kennard lang, a former NFL player, recently quit as head coach for medical reasons. Many other coaches applied for the job as new head coach, including teachers at Oak Ridge.

The new coach, Clint Johnson, who was previously head coach at Colonial High School will be coming to the school after the winter break. Johnson said that it was difficult to leave Colonial because of his relationships with his players but he said “Principal Bellinger, Mr.Fisher, Mr. Norris and the other existing relationships I built during previous time at Oak Ridge made my decision a lot easier.”

The Football team recently had a meeting in order to introduce Johnson to the players although he is already familiar with some of the students on the team. Last year Johnson was the receivers coach, which gave him a chance to interact with the players all season.

The bond Johnson already has with the players is a big part of why he was chosen to coach at Oak Ridge. Fisher, the sports director at Oak Ridge High School said that Johnson is “a very personable guy” and works well with team chemistry.

D’Andre Weaver, a senior, is one of several students who already knew Coach Johnson. Weaver said that he is “truly excited for the new coach because Johnson is someone I look up to, not only as a coach but also as an individual.”

Weaver also believes that “the potential for the team is endless with or without the new coach” and although this was a building year for the team, every year is an improvement year for everyone, no matter the player.

With this being the rebuilding year for Oak Ridge football, Weaver says “Now he (Johnson) sees what we can do, he sees what we are capable of, and he can take control.” Sadly, Weaver is a senior but wishes he could take part in it next year.

Oak Ridge High School is happy to welcome Coach Johnson and according to him, the feeling is mutual. “To me, Oak Ridge is home. I Prayed about it, and it just felt right. Oak Ridge was undeniably the best place for me” said Johnson.