Micheal Devoe: Star Player, Star Student

Boys Basketball

Jasmine Boyens, Feature Editor

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Photo taken by Aleenn Pressley

Micheal Devoe takes a shot in the lane during a game.

Lights coming from the high windows of a gym shines and all a player can hear is the squeaking of shoes on a clean glossed floor. With each shot, he shows determination on his face and the only thing on his mind is the game.

This player is one of the star basketball players at Oak Ridge High School with the potential to make it to into the NBA. Michael Devoe, a Junior on the varsity basketball team with a 4.0 GPA in the JA program, is one of the top athletes in the state, and already has several college offers but has yet to make a decision.

Devoe started playing basketball at the young age of three when his mom put him in the YMCA where he would play with close friends and his uncle who played college basketball. He has made it a long way with a lot of hard work and dedication because he loves the game so much.

Devoe chose to remain at Oak Ridge after his freshman year because he enjoyed the experience. “They had two kids that were really good at basketball and they were the top kids in the country so I played with them and since then I have been getting calls and offers and stuff like that so it was just a great school to come to,” said Devoe.

He also had some of his best moments in his freshman year at Oak Ridge. He spoke of one specific game of that year which had a great atmosphere and although he was a little nervous during the game they ended up winning. It was a great experience for him but afterward, he had seen a video posted of him getting blocked, he said that it was kinda embarrassing but it still couldn’t bring him down.

I usually play for my brother, he died in a car accident and he loved hearing about me play so I play for him and I play for my mother says Devoe. “A great quality Michael has is how resilient he is,” says Lubin. “Devoe’s mom is definitely his biggest critic but it is all in good intentions.” Devote said “She has always been with me since the beginning. She has been helping me and supporting me this whole time.” His mom goes to every game and is always enthusiastic.

“A great quality Michael has is how resilient he is”, said Lubin. She explained how Devoe always finds a way to make the best out his play, even when things are looking bad and the team is down. “How he responds to adversity is what makes him a better player.” She also says that communication and talking more has been a big thing for Devoe.

Devoe has shown terrific promise and progress during his first three years playing and looks to achieve optimal success and longevity playing the game he loves.