Girls weightlifting team continues streak

Gabby Alonso, News Editor

The Lady Pioneer weightlifting team racked up a victory against the Cypress Creek Bears 57-22 on Nov.30, continuing their undefeated record of 4-0.

Their total points composed of bench presses combined with clean and jerk exercises. The Lady Pioneers garnered 1st place in 8 of their respective weight classes.  Reanne Steele and Raygine Jean-Denis were the best performers, outscoring their classes by wide margins.

Brehanna Gauntier  110 class    105 total

Reanne Steele        110 class     220 total

Brianna Coulange   119 class    150 total

Fredina Noel         129 class     220 total

Kennisha Dauphin     154 class  215 total

Raygine Jean-Denis  168 class  275 total

Kisha Lucate           196 class   265 total

Hannah Joseph         228 class  290 total

Shideley Larochelle  239 class    300 total

Oak Ridge Lifters Brehanna Gauntier, Reanne Steele, Brianna Coulange, Raygine Jean Denis, Kisha Lucate, Hannah Joseph, and Shideley Larochelle all ended in first place of their respective weight classes.  

The Pioneers outnumbered their opponent in almost every weight class, only allowing the Bears to acquire 22 points with two first place winners in weight class 154 with 200 in total and weight class 129 with 220 in total.

The Oak Ridge Pioneers will be back in action on Dec.14 against the Boone Braves.