Hall of Fame

Jesenia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Spring 2013 was the birth of a ceremonial celebration, the Hall of Fame, for chosen students and coaches who put hard work and dedication into what they did, loved, and knew best. In Oak Ridge High School, former students and faculty received recognition for their accomplishments in the sports they previously played in or taught. Any sport can get you that empty spot on the plaque if you earn it just like the previous athletes, coaches, and contributors.

“Nominations are made by anyone; past teachers and students alike,” said John Hemmer, a Hall of Fame organizer and former Oak Ridge High School track coach. “We also have a nomination committee which is open to the Oak Ridge family.

Here’s how it works: there are three categories: athletes, coaches, and contributors. Contributors are people such as previous and former principals, teachers, team doctors, athletic directors, and so forth.

People who were associated with Oak Ridge that weren’t coaches or athletes but still contributed were selected after the search and verification committee made sure everything was correct and a preliminary ballot done by a select group is done by the selected group. A list of 20  finalists are chosen. From that group, they get sent to a selection committee, but only 10 from the choosing are picked from the group.

After the students are elected, the school holds a celebration for them. Where they receive their rewards in honor of their dedication to their teams. According to Athletic Director Antony Fisher, the purpose is to honor the individual athletes, coaches, and contributors who have established Oak Ridge as one of the top athletic programs over the years.

For instance, previous football player and track athlete, Reggie Demps, reached the school record of the longest TD run with 95 yards in track, and was the first pioneer to play in Florida vs Georgia and scored games. Demps also got signed with Clemson University and played in three bowl games.

The Hall of Fame wall is located in the gymnasiums’ hallway, halfway filled with plaques for all of the names of students who accomplished many records and awards dating back all the way from the 1980’s.