Rising Crime in Orlando

Franceska Leopold, Staffer



Last weekend at the local Glitz Ultra lounge, a popular nightclub in Orlando, two individuals were shot dead and killed leaving 10 people injured, police said that there were as many as three shooters involved. On the same day, records show that two were also shot in the J.C Penney parking lot located in the Florida mall, a common place for tourist and residents. Although the beautiful city of Orlando’s crime rates have fallen from 2014-2015, the streets are getting bloodier each day.

The Orange County Police Department is trying their best to find these shooters and connect the dots as to why these shootings were taken place so close to each other. “I don’t know if I will allow my children to go anywhere without my supervision. I have always been very skeptical of them hanging out at the mall and now with a recent shooting, it may be erased from their agendas,” said Gertha Lilite, a member of our PTA board. “I want to ensure that not only my children, but all children are safe when it comes to walking home or going to the store. The police should take more initiative in ensuring that our streets are safer for us.” With the rising crime rates in Orlando, police have began to make changes in their daily routines.

“I feel like walking home isn’t even safe anymore. Places which were made for amusement are now faced with crime and people may stop going out,” junior Julia Almonor said “It’s bad for us as teens because we don’t know if we will survive walking home from school or walking from the bus stop especially those of us who live in high crime rated communities.”

Police will now have hidden cameras on them to ensure civilian safety. They will also conduct more gun drives to retrieve unneeded guns off of the streets.