On And Off The Field With: Cycoby Burch


Charlie Dalmas, Graphic Editor

Cycoby Burch is an senior Free Safety for Oak Ridge High School. He currently spends two to three hours practicing at school with his teammates and when he goes home he practices again for about five more hours. Cycoby has been playing sports ever since he was just two, basically ever since his mom gave him a ball in his hand and the freedom to run.


“My mom wanted me to play sports because she felt more like a man.” said Cycoby, who was granted a full ride scholarship to play football in college but has since turned it down because he wanted to stay close to his family especially his mom. When asked how does he set his goals, Cycoby tells us that he sets his goals as a “high standard” each day he has something to do to pursue his career.


Athletes need a good diet to stay healthy. You can’t just eat chicken wings and fries all the time, athletes need a good balance of enough protein and carbohydrates. ‘’My diet is a lot of fruits proteins not too much junk food I eat some here and there but not too much.”


When watching the team I didn’t see people get tired too easily everybody was ready to go and working hard, Especially Cycoby. “Our athletes need to be healthy I hate losing we shouldn’t be tired from just practicing 30 minutes this is a tough sport and we have to be prepared for it”. He always thinks back to something a former coach said to him when he told him “Be humble and take this as a great experience.”


Cycoby draws inspiration from the hard working people that live in the projects where he grew up and he hopes he can achieve all his goals so he can move out the projects himself. “I hate seeing people live like that and I’m from the projects and i’m trying to get out and help my family.”