JA Academy takes a trip to the bowling alley


Samantha Bailon

On Nov. 12 the JA academy gathered 30 students from their junior class and headed off to the Kegel bowling training center in Lake Wales for the day.

Throughout the day students were constantly learning the aspects of the game and were taken on detours around the center.

“The best part of the trip was probably going behind the bowling lanes and seeing the machine actually put the pins in place,” said junior and former member of the bowling team, Dardan Bajrami. “I’ve never seen that before and it was a pretty interesting experience.”

The trip was an opportunity for students to not only learn behind the scenes of bowling but to acknowledge bowling as a sport instead of only a recreational activity.

“Bowling is not just a wooden lane with ten pins and a ball, it actually has  a lot of other components.”  said program director of the JA academy, Lauren Boyd.

The JA academy holds many trips for their students, and the juniors seemed pleased with this year’s choice.