On And Off The Field With: Jonathan Jones

Andy Trulock, Column Editor

Dedicated athlete, committed student, humble and fun-loving guy. These are just a few of the aspects that describe Jonathan Jones, Senior linebacker at Oak Ridge High School. Throughout all his years here, he has been a lock in the starting lineup on Varsity and has helped lead the Oak Ridge Pioneers to 6 wins so far this season. Jonathan is always aiming high and ready to perform wherever and whenever.


“My short term goals right now are to win a state championship, pick a college to go to, and become an All-American”, Jones then adds that he is also going for a Heisman or three, which for someone with his dedication, seems very possible. Jones isn’t just focused on football though, he wants much more from himself.


“My long-term goals are just to make a huge impact on the world while I’m doing that” said Jones. Jonathan never shies away from the spotlight so no one is better fit to be in his shoes than him. He understands the difficulties he will face as he climbs the ladder from high school to college and eventually the NFL, and is openly willing to accept these challenges.

But above all else, the most admirable point of Jonathan is that he is dedicated beyond measure. “I don’t wanna let anyone down. I got a lot of people in my corner.” he said. “I don’t want to let myself down, either. I have huge dreams, and I honestly really want to accomplish those dreams.” Jones is no doubt going to succeed in all the goals he sets for himself. He will soon be choosing which college to attend; he says the options are between Michigan, Notre Dame, and Duke. He will carry all these aspects about him to either of those three colleges and will make an impact there, much like he did here at Oak Ridge.

*All stats are accurate as of October 21st