Lavine Von takes music to a new level

There are many different types of artists at school. This community has sculptors, painters, writers, actors, actresses, and last, but not least, musicians. Some can argue that one of the most demanding, yet rewarding form of art involves music. For Senior Lavine Von, music is not just an extracurricular activity, but a passion.

Lavine’s musical journey started during her sixth grade year with her middle school orchestra group. Since then, she has moved on to join band as well. Now, she is one of the highest ranking musicians in school. She currently plays cello and percussion instruments, such as the drums.

“I am the percussion co-captain and the front ensemble section leader,” Von said.

Lavine’s passion has led her to create her own music as well. Last year, Von organized the band and orchestra Christmas concert piece. Recently, she has auditioned at the University of Central Florida on cello. Music can open doors to many different opportunities throughout a person’s life. Lavine has utilized this and used it not only as a way to be involved with school, but as a means of getting into college and improve herself.

“Band has allowed me to engage in extracurricular activities and represent my school,” Von said. “It also teaches me how to be patient and fully dedicate myself to something.”

The journey has been difficult as well. Band members devote a lot of time and energy to practice for competitions and to perfect their skills.

“The biggest challenge for band was to stay after all those hours, as well as the dedication that was put into it,” Von continues.

Overall, Lavine’s success has come from orchestra and band. She has learned the value of hard work and proven that music can change a person’s life. For students planning on getting involved with music, Lavine has simple, yet important advice.

“Practice is the only way to get better. What makes me stay in band is the community that comes with the band.”