Fall Out Boy does it again with new album “American Beauty/American Psycho”



The new album American Beauty/American Psycho is an upbeat, headbanging and brilliantly crafted by the minds of the pop punk band Fall Out Boy. They released their new album January 20th, 2015. The band had already released their single Centuries, yet their album  hadn’t been released. They have a terrific mix of styles, like their song Immorals is more of a pop song than rock but then you have the song Irresistible that has a more dark and ominous feel to it. They also have the song of the album American Beauty/American Psycho that has more of a dance vibe, like the single Centuries, Sounds that just make your feet want to move.

They tie the rest of the album together with a slow yet powerful song called Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC). It has other songs that are just as exceptional such as, Fourth Of July and Uma Thurman yet they seem to just pull the whole album together. This album is great to get down to or just to listen but either way it’s an album to completely lose yourself in.

They’ve been around for around 14 years now, starting in 2001. Their debut album being Take This To Your Grave in 2003, They sold over 200,000 Copies. They have great songs on all of their albums but American Beauty/ American Psycho may have the most interesting mix of songs. The song Novacaine may be their most skipped song though. The song just doesn’t appeal to a listener in the beginning, yet the song deserves a chance in the spotlight with the albums better songs. The song Jet Pack Blues calls out to the traumatic part of your soul, its a meaningful song with great lyrics.

The last songs left on the album are The Kids Aren’t Alright and Favorite Record. Favorite Record is the common love song on everyone’s album. It’s like saying he wants her to love him like her favorite record, I think everyone can relate to the feeling and it just touches your heart because it’s relatable.