Spotify hits the spot

Recently, I have kicked Pandora out of my life. Although, it brought on longer school days and quiet nights that lacked sing-alongs from yours truly, it gave me time to realize that I deserved better.

I refused to go back to Songza’s playlists that consisted of the same 20 songs. As for Pandora, it continuously harassed me to subscribe to a membership that almost costs as much as my Netflix bill.

Surprisingly, there was an angel in heaven who saw my struggle, and led me to Spotify. A musical safe haven that has 12 general categories filled with hundreds and hundreds of playlists (Browse), option to create a personal playlist (Radio), suggestions from previous listens (Discover), and a library with music you’ve added (Your Music).

On Spotify, you can find a playlist for any and every moment, mood, or day. Whether you’re cuddling with your cat or having a rave in your shower, believe there’s a playlist waiting for you. Also, there’s no lag when skipping songs and you get 6 skips every hour.

My personal favorites reside in the Chill Out category and consist of Your Favorite Coffeehouse and Acoustic Morning, Guilty Pleasures in Pop, and Your Girlfriend’s Mixtape found in Mood.

Maybe I prefer Spotify because I appreciate services who truly try to connect with your music taste and am a sucker for catchy playlist titles, unlike Pandora’s typical “______ station.” Either way, my ears aren’t crying anymore and there’s a beat to my step, thanks Spotify.

Spotify offers a premium account for about $10, which is quite pricey, but is for those who prefer downloading over streaming music.