Freshman Fifteen: Dave Jules

Q. What do you think of Oak Ridge so far?
A. [Oak Ridge] is okay.

Q. Are you getting involved in any sports or clubs here at Oak Ridge, and which club/sport are you involved in?
 A. Right now, I am focusing on soccer and hope to be on the team.

Q. What type of activities do you do after school?
A. After school, sometimes I head to the YMCA, then go straight to soccer practice.

Q. What’s your favorite sport and why?
A. Soccer, because it’s the only sport that is interesting [to me].

Q. If you saw a person in need of help, would you help them?
A. Yes, because it’s the right thing to do and also it would pass the time.

Q. What’s the dumbest thing you done in your life?
A. I tried jumping into a 12 ft. pool until my dad stopped me.

Q. What’s your religion?
A. [My religion is] Christianity.

Q. Do you like squirrels and why?
A. Yeah, [I like squirrels]  because they are funny looking.

Q. What’s your favorite genres in music, and why?
A. Hip-hop, because it helps me concentrate more.

Q. Who’s the oldest siblings in your house?
A. My two brothers, then me, then my little sister and brother.

Q. What’s your favorite show on televison and why?
A. Animal planet, because I  learn more about animals.

Q. What’s your favorite Brand?
A. “[My favorite brand is] Eagle.

Q. Do you go to church?
 Yes, but to be honest, I really don’t enjoy [going to church].

Q. What’s your opinion on racism?
A. [I think, racism]  stills exist and it’s everywhere.

Q. Who’s your favorite rapper and why?
A. Lil Wayne, because I like the way he raps in his videos.